Born to screen

Terra Select T6 at Abbruch Otto
Terra Select speaks Danish
Terra Select taler dansk!

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Starting up Terra Select S6 in Stuttgart
Hand over in the mountains
The Mountain calls!

Two special Terra Select Maschines were on the way to their job site in april this year. "Special" has this...

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Windsifter W8 Premier on the BVOR

 The new Terra Select W8 Wind sifters World Premiere at BVOR demo days, Netherlands. First time that Terra Select presented the new Wind...

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Screening means passion!
2 x Terra Select T6E at the EGST in Saerbeck
Terra Select is the recognised specialist for screening and separation technology. Regardless of whether trommel screening machines, star screening machines, aero-separators or stationary plants are involved – with Terra Select, each customer receives a solution exactly tailored to suit its requirements. Developed through experience, manufactured in proven quality.

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